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  • This Download Service provides access to CODE-DE products via a Web Coverage Service (WCS) interface. CODE-DE (Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform - Deutschland) is the German access point to data of the European Earth Observation Programme Copernicus. This programme of the European Union provides satellite data from the Sentinel series and thematic services with products for observations of land/ocean/atmosphere, climate change, security and disaster management. Furthermore, information and tools for the creation of higher quality information are provided on the platform. The focus of data availability is geographically on Germany and Europe ("rolling archive"). This means that data of Germany and Europe will remain in the archive for a particularly long time (with immediate availability), but data outside Germany and especially outside Europe will typically be removed after one month. Sentinel-2 Level 1C products are globally long-term archived and made available again on request.

  • Regelungsinhalt: Wohnnutzung / ändert Teilbereich von 2.27

  • Baulinienänderung im Bebauungsplan Heidfeld I

  • Gestaltungssatzung zum Schutz der historischen Altstadt von Bönnigheim

  • Kelter- und Hausweinberg - Änderung

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